Nothing unusual at first glance - a password-protected Excel file on a usb stick. Previously, put the stick in the usb port, double-click the file and enter the password to work on the file.

Now though, when I put the stick in the usb port, the file opens (a copy) on just a single-click and the explorer window shuts down when the password is entered, meaning that I can't access the file contents.

Very odd behaviour - tried a variety of usb sticks in various usb ports (same machine, same file).

I checked, and File Explorer options are not set to open on single-click. Copying the file to the desktop allows it to open and behave normally. Tried said file on a micro sd card, same problem as with the usb sticks, so it's one particular file on any removable media that seems to be the source of the problem.

Any ideas as to a likely cause?

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